How to ‘Pay it Forward’ at Everytable

How to ‘Pay it Forward’ at Everytable

Everytable’s mission is to transform the food system by bringing healthy, affordable food into every community. Now, you can join the fight for food justice by ‘Paying it Forward’ the next time you’re in one of our stores.The core of how we execute on our mission is a variable pricing strategy. We vary our prices based on what each community can afford. So, for example, a Kale Chicken Ceasar in Century City might cost $7.95 (a great value!), and that same Kale Chicken Ceasar at our new store in Compton will cost $5.95. Same chefs, same food, but different prices, to make sure Everytable is accessible and affordable in allcommunities.

We believe healthy food is a human right, and shouldn’t be a luxury product.

And yet, the truth is that not everyone can afford a $5.95 salad. For example, it’s estimated today that over 58,000 people in Los Angeles are experiencing homelessness. Others are in their homes, but because of the affordable housing crisis, have little money left over after paying the rent.

Because of this, we’ve had since we opened two years ago, a Pay It Forward Wall at our Everytable South LA. Here’s how it works. Whenever anyone has a little extra cash to spend, and feels like being generous, they can buy a meal for someone else. In return for their payment, we give them a post-it note. They can write a nice message on it, and then post it on our Pay It Forward Wall. Then, whenever anyone comes by Everytable who can’t afford a meal, they can grab a post-it off the wall, and use it to buy any meal at Everytable.This is how we all join together to make our healthy meals accessible and affordable to all. So come in today, get a great meal at Everytable, and also Pay It Forward by buying a meal for someone else, so that everyone can have access to delicious healthy food.

If you’d like to buy a Pay it Forward Meal for one person, or two, or two hundred, or two thousand, send me an email to

Sam Polk